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This book was born out of a longing that the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ be prepared for His return. God’s Kingdom shall indeed come, yet not before Babylon has fallen. Author: Wim Verwoerd | 295 p.
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Эта книга возникла из желания приготовить Тело нашего Господа Иисуса Христа к Его возвращению. Божье Царство действительно придёт, но лишь после падения Вавилона.
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The rapture of the church has become a concept in the Christian world. It has become the general end time scenario that at the end of time a seven-year period of great tribulation will take place. The church will then be raptured. There are various versions of this view, such as a rapture prior to the great tribulation or a rapture during the great tribulation. What they all have in common is the thought that a great tribulation is coming and that believers will be taken up into heaven.
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In this time of tension it is important that Jewish people, especially those in America and Europe, read what their own Tenach has to say to them.
€ 2,50
Femte kapittel fra boken Dra ut fra Babylon av Wim Verwoerd
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