"I feel myself especially blessed by having read this book.
I was shocked, yet on the other hand I am very thankful
for the revelation and confirmation it brought."

“Flee from Babylon” has been available in Dutch for nearly three years under the title “Weg uit Babylon”. Upon the recommendation of friends the initiative has been taken to translate the book into English. We are convinced that the message this book brings from God’s Word is not only for the Dutch, but is also a matter of life and death for Europeans, Canadians and Americans.

The Lord led us to find Dayle Schechter, a legal translator born in America and living in Amsterdam. She was willing to translate the book. We are especially thankful for the many hours, days and weeks that she devoted to the translation. She has carried out her assignment diligently and conscientiously. It was encouraging to notice that the gravity and the content of the message of the book touched her even as she read and translated it. All honor be to God. We are also very grateful for the proofreader, Marten Vogelaar, for his perseverance in checking the entire book, word by word and sentence by sentence. May the Lord very richly reward both of you. The book has no commercial purpose whatsoever. Any income it generates is used only to advertise and distribute the book.

I can easily imagine that as a resident of the USA, Canada or Great Britain you have not exactly been waiting around for a book to appear from the Netherlands. Yet I want to earnestly urge you to read the book. For you see, I believe that it is a message from God – and a message for the very time in which we are now living. I long to have every believer examine the message in this book, regardless of their church affiliation. May each then carry this message forward in their own life and in their own surroundings. In order to give you an idea right now of the seriousness of the message, we call to memory the book by the late David Wilkerson, “Set the Trumpet to Thy mouth”. This book which appeared in English in 1985 contained a prophetic message. Immediately in the first chapter the reader is confronted in plain terms: “America will be destroyed”. Wilkerson was convinced that America would be struck by the judgment of fire that will, according to Revelation 8, strike one third of the world’s population. He was convinced of this due to the corruption of American society and the adulterous church system. Yet for the victorious there is escape from this judgment by fire. The message of “Flee from Babylon” is the same message, but confirms Wilkerson’s prophetic message by specific reference to the written Word of God. The prophetic Word, indeed the very words of Jesus in the Gospels and the book Revelation, show that Babylon refers to the western world. It is over this Babylon that the judgment will come. Do not assume that you will be able to avoid this judgment by being secretly caught up (raptured) to heaven. The Bible does not teach of any resurrection or of people being caught up any time before the presence of the glorified Jesus here on earth, which is clearly shown in chapter nine of this book. I make this urgent request: search the Bible honestly and prayerfully to learn what it has to say about the end times. In doing so Appendix I is of considerable value. 

“Flee from Babylon” bears the subtitle: “Let Jerusalem arise in your heart”. The return and the restoration of Israel will increasingly define the course of world history. The Kingdom of God is at the door, with Jerusalem at its center. And it is then in Jerusalem that the throne of David stands and on which Jesus Christ shall be seated. All of which is also addressed in this book, primarily in chapters two, eight and ten. A glorious future is assured. Yet whether you will be there for it also depends on your desire to prepare yourself and your desire to obey the instructions in the message that Jesus Christ brought in the Bible, and that we pass on to you in this book. 

“Flee from the midst of Babylon, let every man save his life! Be not cut off in her punishment, for this is the time of the LORD’s vengeance, the requital he is rendering her.” (Jeremiah 51:6)

Wim Verwoerd

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Index book

Preface to the English edition

Translator’s Note to the English Edition


1. Run for your life

2. Yearning for the Kingdom

3. The antichrist that must first disappear

4. The two beasts in Revelation

5. The woman drunk on the blood

6. Mystery, the great Babylon

7. Times and laws change

8. Let Jerusalem arise in your heart

9. Worthy to escape

10. Jesus returns, the new day dawns

11. Epilogue

Appendix I

Appendix II 


Quotes from readers

person "A well-balanced treatment of the subject based upon the interpretive principle whereby Scripture is compared with other related Scripture; thorough source material, including valuable 'older' sources that have been dusted off and can now shine forth once more as they should."


person "I feel myself especially blessed by having read this book. I was shocked, yet on the other hand I am very thankful for the revelation and confirmation it brought."

person "I read the book through all at once. The approach taken by the author is particularly straightforward."

person "We really had the impression that this book had to be written with an eye to the times in which we now live."




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