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January 2015
295 p.

Let Jerusalem arise in your heart!

This book was born out of a longing that the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ be prepared for His return. God’s Kingdom shall indeed come, yet not before Babylon has fallen.

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About the author

wim-verwoerdWim Verwoerd (1959) resides in the Netherlands. He wrote 'Flee from Babylon' because of his love for Jesus and his desire to share what God has revealed in His Word concerning the time in which we live. Read more


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Quotes from readers

person "A well-balanced treatment of the subject based upon the interpretive principle whereby Scripture is compared with other related Scripture; thorough source material, including valuable 'older' sources that have been dusted off and can now shine forth once more as they should."


person "I feel myself especially blessed by having read this book. I was shocked, yet on the other hand I am very thankful for the revelation and confirmation it brought."

person "I read the book through all at once. The approach taken by the author is particularly straightforward."

person "We really had the impression that this book had to be written with an eye to the times in which we now live."





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